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- Greater Toledo Urgent Cares continue to stand by our local community by offering COVID-19 testing at ALL GTUC LOCATIONS
- No appointments are needed please call when you are in you car to register.


Greater Toledo Urgent Cares

-Please comply with following steps to streamline the process smoothly:
1- Call us from you car to register for covid testing , first come first served
2- Plan on 30-60 minutes process, especially during rush hours and at our busier locations.
3- Make sure you have your license/insurance card out to hand to our team, bring a pen with you to sign when needed
4- Please keep your mask on till instructed to remove it for swabbing
5- Allow average of 5 business days for results

6- Download and fill the enclosed form for lab tot communicate results with you

Please let our staff know that they are doing a great job!
Thank you and stay safe!

Walid Mahmoud, MD
Medical Director
Greater Toledo Urgent Cares

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