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Please read and click on patient portal at bottom of screen to register 

Welcome to the Greater Toledo Urgent Cares COVID-19 Testing self-registration portal. We currently offer a few different testing options outlined below. Please note, you must complete a self registration for COVID  visit prior to showing up to the test, where a provider will perform COVID testing on you.


·         Pathlabs Diagnostics COVID-19 PCR: Most patients will receive this test. Results are available via the Pathlab in approximately 3 business days.


·         BD Veritor Rapid Antigen COVID TESTING: We have a very limited supply of the Rapid tests, which provide results in 15 minutes. These are typically reserved for patients who have COVID-19 symptoms.

- You can make an appointment for COVID antibody test as well through utilizing this link.


Medical insurance coverage: GTUC bills your insurance as a regular urgent care visit, insurance is likely to cover the test if you are acutely ill and are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of taste/smell, difficulty breathing, or nausea. Insurance will also likely cover your visit if you’ve had a known exposure to a positive COVID-19 case. You MUST check with your insurance if you have a question whether they will cover your visit in urgent care or if they advise you to go through your primary care doctor or through your local pharmacy. GTUC can not advise on insurance coverage


If you do not have symptoms and are requesting the test for screening purposes, such as travel, school, work, etc. insurance may not cover the visit. The cost will be $175 for the PCR test or $150 for the Rapid COVID test( for patients without symptoms). Both charges include the health exam by the provider and test itself.

-All our other GTUC locations are offering PCR as well Rapid Antigen Testing by scheduled appointment only

- For appointment please visit our patient portal by clicking on schedule COVID test tab

 -Please comply with following steps to streamline the process smoothly:

1- Register for COVID testing on line as above

2- Plan on a 30-60 minutes process, especially during rush hours and at our busier locations.

3- If you can upload your license/insurance card to patient's portal, this will expedite the process

4- Please keep your mask on till instructed to remove it for swabbing

5- Allow average of 3 business days for results for PCR test and 20 minutes for Rapid COVID test


Please let our staff know that they are doing a great job!

Thank you and stay safe!


Greater Toledo Urgent Cares